Posted on Mar 24, 2019

Shri Ganga Charan Aryawardhan Hospital

Summer Tip - 1 for Kids
*Keeping the child hydrated is very important to avoid dehydration.*

For babies below 6 months,
You don’t need to give water. Instead increase the number of breastfeed/formula feeding if you feel the baby is thirsty because of the high temperature. Babies themselves demand more feeds than usual during summer and its completely normal.

For babies who are on solids and older kids,
You can give water, coconut water, fruits, fruit juices, (3/4 cup per day), milkshakes/ smoothies (not more than 400 ml per day which includes all dairy intake), chilled kheers, salads and lassis to make them cool. But do remember that any liquid shouldn’t replace breastfeed or formula during baby’s first year. Also include vegetables and fruits rich in water content and green leafy vegetables like bottle gourd, ash gourd, watermelon, muskmelon etc in their daily diet.

Loss of appetite for kids is common during summer, providing them with plenty of fluids, small wholesome and easily digestible meals helps them to eat. Seek doctor’s help immediately if your child has loss of appetite with vomiting or diarrhea.
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